The Blessed

Child of Night

Sixteen year-old Avery taught herself not to feel. It's the only way she knows to survive the foster system and her horrible, cursed luck. But with the strike of a lightning bolt, her world changes. A quick trip to the 17th century and back brings more questions than answers when she meets her ancestor and discovers the family’s extraordinary gift, emotion-based powers. But for the girl without a family, the other shocking revelation is what matters. Avery has a twin- a counterbalance, the light to her dark in so many ways, and something she’s never dared let herself wish for. Hell-bent and obsessed, Avery brings herself to the brink of oblivion to find her sister.
Her magic is slowly infecting her mind with dark thoughts in order to fuel itself. Before long Avery is listening to the voice telling her she isn’t good enough, she isn’t worthy, she should just give up. Falling for the sweet boy who reminds you of sunflowers and eats too much jerky, finding a sister you never knew you had, and sewing together a patchwork quilt of a family should be a winning sophomore year, but for Avery it’s all stained with an inky blackness she just can’t shake.


Child of Light

Lydia's boring, perfect life came crashing down around her when her twin sister, Avery, showed up. Now on the hunt to find their father, she must come to terms with her own powers and her past before the anxiety of her light magic ruins everything.