The Infernal Echo Series

The Novels

Dating your celebrity crush isn't all its cracked up to be.

Adeline's Aria

Infernal Echo, Book One

Coming Winter 2020 from Fire and Ice YA!

High school senior Addie Evans never craved the glitz and glamour that surrounds British celebrity, Jude Blair, but she can’t escape his allure. His posters decorate her room, his music floods her speakers, and his movies make up most of her collection. When the two cross paths at a music festival, their chemistry takes them both by surprise. Addie is captivated by Jude’s intense passion, and Jude craves her authenticity.

There is only one problem: as far as the public knows, Jude is engaged to his former co-star and media darling, Lana Thatcher. Addie must stay hidden in the background, their entire relationship taking place behind closed doors.

Skylar's Song

Infernal Echo, Book Two

With Skylar safe, the group sets their sites on a New Years trip to the Alps and then to the next album.

Prelude to the Palmers

Infernal Echo, Book Three

Tabby's wedding is starting to make Addie question her own future.


The Infernal Echo B-Sides

Short Stories and Novellas

Sweet background music.

Prequel to Adeline's Aria

Riding the wave of fame from her latest Netflix success, Lana Thatcher takes on what is sure to become her career defining role in Hexed. When the studio taps the infamous rock star, Jude Blair, to play her love interest, she is anything but smitten.

Infernal Echo, 1.5

Cameron Johns' dreams are coming true as his band scores their first American tour and hits their crowdfunding goal for a REAL album. So why is it the only thing he can think of right now is that brunette in the front row?

Infernal Echo, 2.5

Dominic has always been the stable one. Something he thought was a weakness in the crazy ride of his best friend's rise to fame. But now Tabitha Raine's needs him, and he will stop at nothing to ensure her safety - even if that means traveling across the globe and leaving his career behind.