• Laynie Bynum

Serenity Reads and Other Ideas

Once my little seven year old bibliophile discovered that I have started a blog to review books, she decided she wanted in on the action.

Like with most hard decisions in my life, I went to the never-ending spring of wisdom that is Twitter to let the people decide.

Out of my 1k+ followers, it was a unanimous decision to let the baby help.

So once a month we will do a segment in which Serenity gives her take on a a KidsLit book that will be released soon.

I warn you, her tastes vary wildly and if there are any sort of animals in it, she is probably sold.

As well, I am working on putting together a contest. Opening the blog with a bit of a bang if you will! So keep on the look out for more announcements about that.

I am currently reading Blinding Night by Chantal Gadoury and that review will be coming very soon. Followed (hopefully quickly) by Second Star by J.M. Sullivan and Wildcard by Marie Lu.

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