Queen of Misery

YA - Dark Fantasy - F/F Romance

In the kingdom of Lumos, the effects of the war with the Fae still linger on the breeze. Their Queen has gone mad and now their King has died, leaving sixteen year-old Valeria to rule.

Her best friend, Iriana accepts the great honor and responsibility as her Royal Consort, knowing full well Valeria is not ready to lead. 

Strange things start to happen to Irianna as she approaches her own sixteenth birthday. Her skin is getting paler, her ears are developing a point, and there's a strange feeling building in the back of her mind - whispers of magic. 

And that isn't the only trouble between her and the new Queen. Valeria's grief is driving her to dark places, and the more Irianna tries to get her back to normal, the worse Valeria gets.