This is (not) a Love Story

This is (not) a love story

For the first time in her life Cadence Ford has started to feel comfortable in her own skin, and her best friend, Jeremy is to thank for it. From the moment he blew into her life like a category five hurricane, he has showed her more about life than she learned in the previous 16 years before. The problem is Cadence can't help herself from wanting more and the harder she fights against her feelings, the stronger they get. She can feel herself ruining everything but she just can't seem to stop.

Jeremy Law is no stranger to school-girl crushes and short-term romances. He hasn't been single since before he could remember, despite never being in a relationship longer than a few months. But his best friend, Cadence is the main woman in his life. She sees beyond his appearance and doesn't run when the mask slips. The problem is, he can't seem to get her to understand that she's different than the rest. 

How can two people love each other so much, but in two completely separate ways?